Friday, 15 July 2016

Summer Hairstyles

Hello Everybody,

Today I thought I would share with you three possible hairstyles that I would personally say are perfect for if you are on holiday or just if it is warm outside and you want to keep your hair out of your face. I personally prefer to have my hair out of my face and off of my neck when it is hot out so I thought I would share with you a couple of hairstyles that would enable you to do this.
Source: Weheartit

Dutch Braid

This is quite a popular hairstyle at the moment. Most probably because Kylie Jenner seems to rock this hairstyle herself quite often. I prefer to do two in my hair, but you can do just the one dutch braid if you wish.

I start my dutch braid by parting my hair down the middle with a rat tailed comb, as this tends to make the braid much tidier. However, If you are looking to have a slightly more messy braid you can just do this with your fingers. You then need to take a small amount of hair on one-half of your head and divide it into three equal sections. Unlike with a normal french braid you're going to bring the left section under the middle section (rather than over) and then the right section under the middle section. One you have done this once you will put the left strand under the middle strand but add some hair, you will then put the right strand under the middle strand and add some hair to this also. You will continue to do this under you run out of hair and then you will continue doing a normal braid all to why to the bottom of your head. I often swap positioning of my hands by this point as I begin to develop an arm ache. I will then repeat exactly the same steps on the other half of my hair.

Pull-through braid

A pull-through braid can look very similar to a dutch braid because the braid again pokes out of your head rather than sits flat on your head. For this style to work better you will need to use clear elastic bands, which you can find at most local drugstores.

Start the look by brushing your hair back. You will then take a small section from the top of your head (as if you high creating a small high ponytail on top of your head) leaving a large amount of hair underneath. You will then need to put in another clear elastic onto this pony about two inches under the original elastic to create a form of bubble. You will then need to poke a hole through this bubble with a width big enough to fit another chunk of hair through. Take new hair from either side of the ponytail bubble thing and clump together, you will then pull this chunk of hair through the initial hole you put into the bubble and secure with an elastic band (again about two inches from where it had been pulled through). You will then what to pull through even more new hair through this next bubble created. You will repeat this step until you run out of hair, and then continue all the way to the end of your hair by creating a bubble and pulling through the other section of hair through the gap you have created.

I hope I have described both of these hairstyles the best I can, as I have since realised since writing this post that it is actually seemingly difficult describing in words how to create particular hairstyles.
Emily x