Sunday, 10 July 2016

Sunday Catchup

Hello Everybody,

Much like last week I wanted to write a blog post to let you all in on what I have been up to again this week. Sometimes when I sit here and look back on what I have been up to in a week I completely blank, so you will have to bear with me here. It's honestly so surprising how much time you can spend doing pretty much nothing.

This week I have mostly spent my time with 3 of my closest friends Kerry, Louisa, and Becca, we are honestly inseparable. We are about to spend nearly two weeks apart, however, which is going to be a tough one, but I'm sure we'll survive (as long as wifi is around).


The week started fairly slowly, to begin with, well sort of. It started with me waking up in time to watch Jeremy Kyle and then I decided to walk to ASDA to grab some lunch supplies for the week. Which we're pretty much a lot of the supplies I have mentioned in my picnic post. I much rather buy in bulk for my week's food as I end up eating out and spending a lot of money, so at least this way eating lunch is much cheaper. In the evening I headed to Kerry's to sleep over (which is the place I went last week as well). We just ate some snacks and gossiped into the early hours of the next day.


On Tuesday we had a bit of a lie in, but who could blame us when we had been up until the early hours of the morning? We then headed to ASDA as a group to grab some snacks, as we were going to the park opposite to our old school for a picnic and to hang around in the sun. It was a lovely day filled with sugar and prawn crackers (don't ask). We played one touch on bounce, which I'll be honest I am terrible at, and then we also had a game at rounders. For some reason I was roped into bowling, everyone said that I would be good at it, but I would disagree. 


On Wednesday I had a very boring day. I fact I'm not sure if I even left the house on Wednesday. I seemed to just write some blog posts and watch TV for most of the time. The only interesting this that actually happened on Wednesday was me making fajitas for myself and Dad. As I said, it was literally such a boring day.


On this day Louisa finally took me for a spin in her "dragon wagon". It was nice to be a passenger to my friends rather than designated driver for once. It was also quite an enjoyable drive, apart from the avoidance of all right turns. We also went to Subway, which if you were wondering my usual in "A six inch Italian with tuna, toasted but no cheese, with lettuce, tomato, and mayo." I feel like I never have anything different when I go to any restaurant... I'm such a bore.


Friday started off quite early when myself and Louisa went to Kerry's again to spend the day chatting and eating lunch with one another (Becca was there too). We also watched Finding Nemo for the preparation of when Finding Dory comes out in the UK on the 29th July. I swear I am literally so excited for Finding Dory to come out. Besides, we young adults are very excited for the sequel of our favourite childhood film to finally come out.

This weekend I haven't really been doing a lot so I will stop this post here, otherwise, things could get a little bit boring.
Emily x