Tuesday, 12 July 2016

What I would pack in a picnic!!

Hello Everybody,

At the time of writing this post, the sun has finally made an entrance for July I thought it would only be fitting to make a little post about the things that I might pack for a picnic. So if it's a warm day where you are at the moment and you are unsure what to do with yourself then grab yourself a blanket and some snacks and enjoy the vitamin D while it lasts. Even though I haven't technically been for a proper picnic this year yet, I certainly have spent plenty of times outdoors recently, I may have also accidentally sunburnt my nose (SUNCREAM IS IMPORTANT KIDS!).

Anyway, today I thought I would talk you through some ideas I have for what you could pack for a picnic, as some of you may want some ideas, or may just want different ideas for what you have already. Some of the ideas I have included are things in which would be in my perfect lunch, and others would simply be ideas that may take your fancy as well.

The main bit

I don't really know what else to call this, but this would be where I would usually be what I would consider a sandwich as. To be honest, when I go for a picnic I often find sandwiches too normal, and too boring. Personally, I love a pasta salad; my current favourite ones are the ones that are ready made in ASDA, but by all means make your own. My personal favourite pasta salads are ones with a creamy dressy and include things such as cheese, lettuce, cucumber, and tomatoes. I do however also enjoy a prawn pasta salad as well. Other alternatives to a normal sandwich could also be a wrap, or even better, pitta bread and hummus... because there is nothing better than some hummus!


Of course, you may also want to include some snacky bits. If you are trying to be fancy like me you may want to include antipasti things such as salami, prosciutto ham, and olives. I absolutely love foods like this so this will definitely be included in my picnic. Other things in which you may include could be fruit or vegetables. I really enjoy raspberries and strawberries at this time of the year as a snack as well.


If you are looking for a non-alcoholic beverage then a soft drink such as Lilt or Lemonade would be your best go-to drink for a picnic as it is refreshing and perfect for summer. You could even have a go at making your own lemonade (maybe I need to try that?). Of course, you could also have water or flavoured water if you are looking to drink something a little healthier. Or my current favourite thing to drink is sparkling flavoured water. In terms of alcoholic beverages, cocktails or Pimms and lemonade are always a summer hit.

What would you pack in your lunch?
Emily x