Thursday, 14 July 2016

What to pack in a carry-on bag!

Hello Everybody,

With holiday season right around the corner I saw it as a perfect opportunity for my to talk about what I believe are the best things to take with you in your carry-on bag when you go on a short-haul flight or even just a road trip. I say short-haul flight for this post because I am talking the bare minimum in terms of what to take, and avoiding anything that could cause a hassle along the way. This means no liquids (unless you are picking up water once you are through customs) and definitely NO sharp objects.

The first thing I personally think is highly important is taking some chewy sweets. This gives you something to chew whilst you are taking off and landing otherwise your ears may pop. Or you could also just snack on them on the journey to keep you occupied, but either way it is just nice to have some sweets.

I would also recommend taking a comfy travel pillow just because it makes traveling much more comfortable, particularly if you have an early or late flight I want to sleep at all, as there doesn't tend to be anything comfortable to rest your head on which can make you get a little bit of an uncomfortable neck. It also gives you an option for something to rest your head on when you actually get to your hotel, as the pillows provided are not always the most comfortable of things.

I also like to make sure that I pack some warm clothes for the flight. For example, when I pack a little hoodie. This is because the air conditioning on planes often make me feel quite cold when I would much rather feel cosy on a flight. If I am going to hot country I will often pack a pair of shorts in my hand luggage but then I will wear a pair of jeans for the journey there. This will then allow me to change once I get there so I'm not cold on the flight but then I'm not too overdressed for the hot weather once I get to the destination.

I also pack any medication bits that I may need. For me this includes Kwells travel sickness tablets, which normally knock me right out so I don't even have a chance to worry too much about travel sickness. But I also wear some sea bands, which are accupressure bands that are supposed to reduce neusea. I also pack my hayfever tablets, because it means that I can still take them even if my actual luggage goes missing (which hopefully shouldn't happen).

Finally in my actual carry-on I pack my books that I plan to read on the holiday. To be honest, I cannot really read whilst travelling but I pack them because I do not really like the idea of my books getting crushed in the main bag on the way. Other than that I just keep my mobile phone and money in my handbag. This in turn means that I also keep my headphones in this bag because I keep my music on my phone. I also take some sunglasses with me to be prepared for the sun when I arrive in the hot country.

What do you pack in your carry-on?
Emily x