Monday, 1 August 2016

A fresh(ish) start.

One thing about starting a blog when you are 15 is that eventually, you grow out of it. I believe a large issue I had with my blog was that although I still enjoyed blogging, and I personally have felt like more recently my content has grown with me, the actual design and the whole aesthetic of my blog were becoming a little outdated. It's something that I've been thinking about for some time, and although changing my header is something that I've dabbled with quite a few times, that was only really because that was within my comfort zone.

Since finishing school you may have noticed that I have played around a little more HTML which before now has really freaked me out. I'm not usually very savvy when it comes to using technology, and I certainly am not kitted out with the knowledge let alone equipment that a lot of bloggers have. I wanted my blog to reflect my current personality, and although I am still partial to a small amount of colour, the way my old design looked seemed a bit aged. Hence I've spent many hours experimenting (and if you visited my blog in the last couple of day I'm sorry it was a mess in between) I have finally come up with something I am vaguely happy with. It will take time, and I'm sure more tweaks will be coming in the next few weeks, but there is a definite improvement.

The simple font and the black and white theme of my new design is definitely something I much prefer now. I feel like my blog looks more professional, more polished and cleaner, and much less childish. I hope you all prefer the way it looks now. Of course, I have still tried to keep the header looking a bit more fun, as this part of the internet is still supposed to be a positive space, I just wanted a crisper look to my site.

My content won't really be changing. I'm quite happy with the way it is right now. I almost feel like blogs often gradually mould to suit the writer. To begin with, my blog was mostly beauty related, and although I still enjoy the odd bit of makeup and beauty, it's not my biggest passion, and as I have grown with my blog I have learnt that I enjoy writing about my experiences and life much more than reviewing the cult beauty classic, which every blogger and their mum have reviewed.

I have added a groovy scrolling Instagram widget to my blog because I felt as though that shows off parts of my life that I don't often share with you guys over on my blog. Recently, I have been thoroughly enjoying using Instagram because it's an app that gives me a chance to share and record my favourite memories. Sure Instagram does only show one side to someone's story but it also makes me focus and reflect on the most positive parts of my life, particularly when I'm having a hard day. As I said the other day, I am very lucky to have what I have, and I personally believe my Instagram is a place where I can show what I am thankful for and where I can try and be a little more creative.

Over time I agree that my blog is more of a lifestyle blog. But you know what? I like that. Having a blog where I can be myself is so important to me. I don't (currently) blog for money, I blog for me. I want to document my deliberations and share them with people, and sure I have had breaks from this space on the internet, but that's what makes me human. Everyone gets fed up at times or runs out of fresh content. This month I WILL blog every day, and I want to take you on a journey. For me, this is going to be a month full of firsts and change, and it sure as hell is going to be difficult, but I want to make these changes positive and share with you the path I am taking.

Here's to a fresh(ish) start.