Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Adventure is out there.

Hello Everybody,

Out of everything that I have learnt whilst I have been growing up, I would have to say that the most important lesson I did learn is to enjoy opportunities handed to me. Or if opportunities aren't simply handed to me on a plate I then need to create adventures for myself. I like to think that although I have my fears like everyone and their neighbour, over time I have also learnt to try new things, and to create more and more experiences and adventures for myself.

When I first started my blog I would agree that although my life was partially interesting I didn't go out and enjoy my time as much as I do now. I think that is why I decided that blogging every day was something that just was no longer going to be compatible with my lifestyle. I love the outdoors, and I love adventures. I'm the kind of person that once hated spontaneity but now thrives on it. I want to see things and I want to have thrilling stories that I can tell friends and family as I get older.

I would describe myself as the opposite of a homebody, which according to the thesaurus an antonym of homebody is an adventurer... I'll take that. I thrive off of being outdoors. I like to walk, I like to exercise outside and when the weather is good I want to be out in it. When I'm inside for too long I send myself a little stir crazy, and if I have no plans for the day I have to at least walk to the shop 10 minutes away from mine just for the fresh air.

It's funny that in a world of technology I could enjoy being outside so much. But there is something cleansing about the outdoors, and the lack of technological communication. The way that people walk past each other and smile and wish each other a good day. The way that you can breathe fresh air that hasn't been rotting in a muggy room all day. Or even just the way that you can just enjoy the near silence. No background sound coming from the TV blaring in the background, but just the simple chirping of birds in a far away nest.

This post is for those people who love to be outdoors. The people who want to live and adventure and to stop living up to normality. It is okay to do things that you enjoy. It took me a while to come to the realisation that this is what I prefer, but this is an honest post for myself as well. I'm sorry to anyone who wanted me to post every day this month. But to keep my content refreshing and also well thought out I also need to live and experience life.

I am still going to blog as much as possible, but I am also going to try and not pressure myself into blogging every day. My content has better quality when I take the time over it. If that means spending more time outside and acquiring new adventures then so be it. I want my blog to be good, but also fun for me. My blog isn't my job at the end of the day. Just a place where I like to write about things that I like.

Anyway, I'm not sure where this ramble has gone, but just remember... Adventure is out there.

Emily x