Sunday, 15 January 2017

New Year

Edit: I'm not usually one for clichés, but something about January has left me feeling motivated, and perhaps the whole "New Year, New Me!!" isn't so bad. This post was actually written a few weeks ago but I have been busy moving back into Uni and revising for exams so it has come at a bit of a delay. I hope you still enjoy x

2016 has been a weird one for many reasons. It's had both ups and downs, but it will definitely be a year that I will not forget. I know my blog became obsolete for the last few months when I was settling into University, and I have to admit that was little unexpected. I thought University would fill me with new blogging ideas and be a better environment to create; I wasn't wrong, I just forgot that settling into independent life, and a very different (not so much) routine would make organising my life to include blogging time a little bit tricky.
However, more recently I have come to the realisation that maybe it is time for regular posting to come back. It's taken me a while to realise the importance of a new year, and perhaps not a fresh start, but a good time to start better habits, and a good time for self-improvement. In this post, I thought I would outline what I want to achieve in 2017. Some may be cliché and some not so cliché, but to me, that doesn't matter if they are things that I feel are important to myself, my well-being and my health.