Sunday, 15 January 2017

New Year

Edit: I'm not usually one for clichés, but something about January has left me feeling motivated, and perhaps the whole "New Year, New Me!!" isn't so bad. This post was actually written a few weeks ago but I have been busy moving back into Uni and revising for exams so it has come at a bit of a delay. I hope you still enjoy x

2016 has been a weird one for many reasons. It's had both ups and downs, but it will definitely be a year that I will not forget. I know my blog became obsolete for the last few months when I was settling into University, and I have to admit that was little unexpected. I thought University would fill me with new blogging ideas and be a better environment to create; I wasn't wrong, I just forgot that settling into independent life, and a very different (not so much) routine would make organising my life to include blogging time a little bit tricky.
However, more recently I have come to the realisation that maybe it is time for regular posting to come back. It's taken me a while to realise the importance of a new year, and perhaps not a fresh start, but a good time to start better habits, and a good time for self-improvement. In this post, I thought I would outline what I want to achieve in 2017. Some may be cliché and some not so cliché, but to me, that doesn't matter if they are things that I feel are important to myself, my well-being and my health.

Use the gym facilities

This year I have been very lucky in the fact that I have a gym membership at my University gym with my accommodation, and although I have used it for one spinning class (my god my butt hurt after that) I have not since used it. It's not because I am lazy because hockey takes up a lot more of my time now than it ever used to, my timetable just wasn't quite right for going to the classes, however, this semester I have a few more free days which means I should be able to organise in a workout every once in a while.

Sort my diet out

I feel like when you first move out of your home and have to start settling into a routine of cooking for yourself you become accustomed to just eating pasta and sauce every evening (which I guess is better than takeaways all of the time), which just isn't balanced or particularly great for you at all. This year I want to focus on eating a better variety of foods and in particular eating more fruit and vegetables. I am even considering investing in a juicer/smoothie maker thing as I had a green juice the other day and have become a tiny bit obsessed. 

Drink more water

I also want to start drinking more water, I've recently become the world's worst at remembering to stay hydrated, and flushing out the toxins from a Sports Wednesday binge (I do not condone this student malarky... it just happens) is probably quite important for the health of my body. I need to get a new water bottle anyway because I was daft and left it in the back of someone's car when they dropped me off at Leeds General Infirmary A&E (more on that another day), so I'll probably invest in one of those that measures how much you have drunk in a day.

Eat breakfast

This kind of goes with the previous two points I have made, but since being at University I have become the world's worst at eating breakfast at the start of the day. I am a firm believer that breakfast can be one of your most important meals of the day, but I have never particularly found a food I like enough for breakfast that makes me bother to have it. I want to start eating breakfast to ensure my diet becomes more balanced and to also to keep my concentration up during my 9 am lectures- I don't remember half of them.

Get a routine- become a morning person again

Being at University can also wreck a person's routine. Of course, going out for parties is part of student life, and in moderation (and as long as you can afford it) it is totally okay, but being at University has also meant that I have become more of a Night Owl. Now, I am not saying I have any problems with Night Owls, but for me personally I am a much more productive early bird. This year I want to bring back the routine where I get up on my first alarm feeling awake, make myself look presentable and actually get on with my day. This will mean that I will also have to sort out my night routine, and not spend my quiet evenings still scrolling through my social media at 3 am (have an early night she said). I know this may take a bit of adapting but I think this may be the answer to my productivity prayers in my second semester.

Do things for ME!

In 2016 I spent way too much of my time trying to please others. I also wasted a lot of my time waiting around for others and then being let down. This year I want to focus on doing more things that I want to do, and whether that means straying from my usual friends to get that done then so be it. I also want to enjoy company by myself a whole lot more. Recently, I was thinking about how I really cherish those quiet alone moments I have (particularly the quiet 20-minute journey I take on the bus to Uni every day) and realised that I need to make more quiet moments in my day. I am a fairly introverted person and so it is important that I have more time alone where I can be with my own thoughts or simply have a moment of quiet.

Don't be afraid to do things alone

Of course, I have stepped into the world of independence quite recently, and yes I am able to do some things alone. However, things like visiting the cinema to see something I've been excited for months for or just going to the gym alone still scares me a little when in reality you don't need other people with you for either of those activities. This year I'm going to push myself to do more stuff alone, this should also help with my whole "waiting around for other people and being disappointed" problem.

Work on my blog

I feel as though I say this a lot, and probably in most new year posts I've ever made on this blog, however, this year it feels different. I know I have the time for my blog. I know that with routine in my life I should be able to write for you guys. I love writing, and my blog is where I get to do it for my own entertainment because let's face it, writing an academic essay is far from fun. Once I have organised myself with a routine I am going to create myself a regular blog post day whereby I can actually get back into the swing of writing for you guys, and hopefully where I can get back into a hobby that I once put so much time and love into.

I think that should sort me out for a while at least. It has been a while since I have really given myself a resolution, but I feel as though being at home for Christmas has made me realise all of the things I want to improve about myself. Sure, I am happy the way I do things now, but I also feel as though there are ways in which I can make myself even happier, not to mention the importance of me becoming much healthier and keeping my well-being in check, which can certainly become less of a priority at University. 
Also, I want to know if any of you guys have made any resolutions to aid you in your journey of self-improvement, so please start that conversation in my comments.
Emily x