Friday, 3 February 2017

What I Learnt from Semester One at University...

As a task for one of my modules last week I was asked to write a reflection on how my first semester has gone at University. Of course, this is all about the spiel of the academics of my first semester at University, but I feel as though there is a lot more to University than just the learning. Besides, coming to University is very different to anything you can prepare for. Suddenly, you are thrown into the deep end, away from any home comforts, living with complete strangers and learning how to live an entirely new lifestyle.

Today I thought it would be fun for me to reflect on what semester one of University has taught me. I have certainly realised a lot about myself, as well as learnt to deal with totally alien situations that no one really warns you of before you begin in September. I hope this post is not only relatable to those that are at University or have been to University but also helps those that are planning to go to University, as I know I wished I had been pre-warned about a lot of things in semester one.