Friday, 2 June 2017

My First Year

Hello Everybody,

If you didn't know already on the 23rd of May I completed my first year of University- that is assuming that I have actually done okay in all of my modules and don't have to retake any in the summer. So that means I have a lot of spare time on my hands, apart from the fact I will be working to make a bit of money to get me through second year. But I have also decided that this extra time is a good opportunity for me to work on my blog. I thought I would kick off my new load of posting however with a little review of what the first year of university was like for me, in the hope that it helps anyone who may be starting University as a fresher in the coming September- or just be interesting for anyone nosey out there that may be reading my blog.

Freshers Week

I think it's normal to have some kind of expectation of freshers, but I would say personally that freshers week is a different experience for everyone. I was very lucky in the fact that I was put in a flat with a great bunch of people, so much so that I have decided to put up with them for a whole other year. This obviously made freshers a really good experience for me because I feel as though I was able to go out with them and didn't feel pressured to do things that I didn't enjoy. One piece of advice I'd give to anybody doing freshers week would to not feel obliged to go out every single night, of course, there's nothing wrong with doing that but remember it is also your first week of University as well and you might feel a bit overwhelmed or tired. I remember feeling so nervous yet excited that after 4 nights in a row of going out I was very happy to just have a night in- that may seem boring to some, but I defo do not regret it as I was exhausted and could not keep my eyes open in a single introductory lecture.

The hard bit!

Obviously, the main objective of coming to University is getting a degree, and it clearly isn't an easy task. University is so much more independent and you have to be prepared to balance your social and work life without parents or lecturers jumping down your throats to get things done. Also, no one ever warns you of how tedious Harvard referencing is, A Level essays do not compare to University in that way. Also, as a sixth form student, I always found it really hard to relate to students moaning about 9am lectures because I had to get in at that time every day when I was at school, but trust me it is the hardest thing in the world once you are a student... it doesn't make sense but Uni just changes you.

The fun bit!

Yet, we should not forget the fact that coming to university is literally the best time you will ever have. You will meet like-minded people, most likely be living in a place much more exciting and interesting to where you are currently living and student nights out are always a winner. My suggestion is to definitely join a society- I joined my Universities hockey team and have literally made my best Uni memories by being part of the team, plus the nights out are always ones to remember (the ones that I can remember anyway). If you don't have a hobby or sport and no new society appeals to you, you can just join a course society which will have many social opportunities for you to be a part of. I personally have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know my favourite nights out in Leeds, and of course just days out in Leeds, I have become somewhat partial to a cheeky cocktail or cider since coming to University.

Going to University will change the way you live, it is such a switch from living at home with your current family and friends, but it will also provide you with amazing memories. It is funny to think that I nearly did not go to University and would have missed out on so much. This year I have learnt how to live independently, as well as who my true friends are. I've also learnt how to book myself into A&E on my own- not a proud moment but probably a good thing to know. More importantly though, is that University is definitely about how you make it, the experience is such a personal thing, and I believe that no matter who you talk to about their first year the response will always be different. Overall, however, I do not regret a thing; first year has truly been one of the best years of my life.