Monday, 10 July 2017

Current Favourites

Hello Everybody,

It has been somewhat of a looooong time since I shared with you fabulous people what I have been loving, so I thought as I am posting regularly again (or at least trying to) it was about time that I shared what I have been loving recently, which I feel indebted to share with you all, because that's what real bloggers do, amirite?!

The first thing I have been loving, and call it moderately random, is Volvic Touch of Fruit Lemon and Lime Flavour. To be honest, me loving lemon water probably just means I should do that trendy thing and make infused water with elegantly sliced lemon, but then again I am lazy, and thus 1.5lt bottle of lemon water (sugar-free may I add) for 50p when on offer in Tesco Express is the perfect solution for me. Not only is this drink hydrating, it actually has a taste, unlike water which tastes of, well, water.

Speaking of fruity water I have also been loving fruit. Call me boring or whatever but in the summer there is something much more compelling to eat some fruit, I'm defo a pineapple girl, but I am also partial to some strawberries, or melon or anything really. My favourite fruit snack, however (actually, maybe it doesn't count as a snack) is a green juice, throw in some tropical fruits, some apple and some spinach and I am sorted- yummy, healthy drink- yas honey! I should also mention my love for Magnum's new Double Raspberry ice cream... I can't describe how delicious it is. Underneath the layer of the chocolate there is raspberry jam (or something like that) and then another layer of chocolate hiding the raspberry ice-cream... one word... divine!

In terms of alcoholic beverages I have been loving (#pleasedrinkresponsibly) I have really been liking Smirnoff's new Raspberry and Pomegranate cider, it is such a summery tipple, it even has a cheeky splash of vodka in there, which certainly adds to the drink. I am definitely recommending this drink to anyone that is going to have a garden party or barbeque anytime soon. Or it's even nice to have, as a cheeky drink in the evening after a long and hot day- particularly with the weather we have been having in the UK recently.

A beauty favourite of mine recently has defo been my Rimmel London Kate Moss Contour Palette in the shade 002 coral glow it has been a lifesaver at giving my pale complexion a little more life in these warmer months. Not only that, but it blends really nicely so I do not have to worry about looking like I've tripped over face first into a puddle of mud. I do find that I tend to use the bronzer the most out of this palette, however, so Rimmel *Hint* *Hint*, you should defo release the bronzer as a product of its own because I am almost certain I will hit pan on that first- sad times.

A final favourite recently was actually a place, that being Belgrave Music Hall and Canteen in Leeds. Albeit I only occupied this place twice, the terrace was so lovely to sit on when it was such good weather. Plus their pizza is super cheap yet amazing, and you'll probably know by now that our guuurrrl lurrrves pizza! It's probably not somewhere I'd go too often because £4 for a cideyb is a rip off in Leeds, but definitely, a lovely place to go if you are in Leeds and the weather is good, and you just want a chill afternoon with your friends.

What have you been loving recently?