Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Things I wish I had known... Before going to Uni!

I think it is easy to admit that everyone has different versions of how University panned out for them. People tell you stories, myths, legends if you will, but often hidden behind all of this spiel are the realities of "studentism". I thought I would share all of my first-year wisdom if that is what you call it with you all. I feel like I learn something every day with my experience of coming to University but whilst I've just completed my first year I thought now would be a good time share my little snippets of the first year.

Firstly, the first person you meet or speak to may not become your best friend. Although I have been very lucky in the fact that I am really close with my flatmates, so much so that I am living with them again next year, I have also met people that I went out with in freshers week and hung around with for the first few weeks but then eventually grew apart from them and now never see them. It is totally okay not to find a friend for life in the first few weeks, just be social and approach everything with an open mind.

Secondly, you will miss home. It isn't something you'll necessarily speak openly about with your flatmates, to begin with, particularly during freshers week because all anyone really wants to do is impress each other and have fun. But trust me when I say that everyone will feel a little homesick at some point. Homesickness is not unusual, particularly when it begins to sink in that your flat is actually your home for a year and not just a little holiday, but just talk to your flatmates or even your friends from home. People are a lot more understanding than you think sometimes.

You'll begin to crave some alone time. One change that really stuck me about starting University is the lack of alone time when living with a group of people who potentially become some of your best friends. It is nothing to do with your friends beginning to grate on you, it is only natural humans to need a bit of space from time to time. By the end of my first year, I began to really look forward to my morning bus ride into Uni every day, and as awful as it sounds I started to really hate it when someone I knew came sit next to me because all I wanted to a peaceful, quiet moment.

Going for a weekly shop will seem like a chore at first but will eventually become part of your everyday routine. I tried my best to go shopping at the same time every week. I would plan my meals for the week on a Sunday evening and then I would go food shopping on a Monday afternoon after I had finished a day at University. I made budgeting for my food a lot easier, I saved money and it also made sure that I always had some food to keep me going and wasn't tempted by a cheeky take away all too often.

The final thing I wish I had thought about before going to Unversity is that you do need to go with little expectation. Everyone's course is different; people have come from different backgrounds and everybody else expects different things from freshers and their first year as a whole. Sometimes plans will change last minute, or someone will deal with things different to how you normally would. This is another kind of situation whereby you need to have an open mind, be understanding of others and you will enjoy your time at University a lot more.

Do any of you have any tips, or things you wish you had known about before going to Uni?