About Me!

Hi there,
I'm Emily and I'm a student studying BA Management at the University of Leeds. In my spare time, I'm either eating (I like food okay?!) or playing hockey.
Over the past year or so my blog has become somewhat redundant through lack of time and inspiration, but with a rather lengthy summer ahead of me, I thought that there is no excuse for me not to revive (resuscitate if you will?) my blog. I will be posting my adventures, thoughts and feelings, as well as a sprinkle of creativity on this blog in the hope that you guys enjoy it.
I have had this blog for over 4 years now, and yes, every original post is still on this blog, so to really embarrass myself you guys can read the cringeworthy posts that 15-year-old Emily composed. Just don't tell me about it because I may keel over in embarrassment and I'd rather spare the drama.
I hope you enjoy this little corner of the internet, and if you want a natter or have any fabulous ideas that I may benefit from hearing then you can interact with me on both my Twitter and my Instagram- so follow me if you like... PS: I know I'm such a beg, haha.
In the words of Anne-Marie, "Caio-adios!"
Talk soon!